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About Us

Welcome To Dola
Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

          Guangzhou Dola Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. was built in 2015. Our factory is located in Panyu District and has a professional workshop of 12,800 square meters. In order to become a qualified supplier, we have a strict quality control mechanism for our product quality. We always pay attention to the quality of our products and our reputation, to ensure that our final products are consistent with our commitments to our customers.

          Guangzhou Dola Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. takes indoor amusement products as its core and provides professional design, production, installation and operation services.

        We have always been the most loyal partner of our customers, helping them to create safe and interesting indoor playground chain brands. Our business includes three series of children’s indoor playground, trampolines and inflatable products.

Create a beautiful children's playground world based on safety

Our advantage

Professional equipment

We takes product safety and construction safety as its safety goals. Our company provides professional training for the sales team, design team, production team and installation team to ensure that the company’s products are safe and able to provide our customers-children with endless fun!

Professional design
High quality
Safety standard
Competitive price


 We have a wide variety of products: Playground, trampoline, inflatable castle, soft play toys, electric toys, etc. Welcome to browse.

How to open the indoor playground?

First, you need contact our salesmen to get the effective information quickly. In addition, we will provide you the most suitable design, quotation and suggestions as per your ideas and budget.

How to find a suitable indoor playground place?

If you have found a place, please kindly provide us photo and CAD, and our team will access its feasibility according to the location size, location, traffic and other factors.

How high is the standard layer height for indoor playground? How many layers can it be? Is there any limit for the lowest height of the place?

The standard layer heights 1.4m~1.7m/layer and the lowest height is no less than 2.8m.

What are the styles of indoor playground?

We have such themes as space, forest, ocean, candy, jungle macaron and snow, castle, etc., we can also customized the style as per your requirements.

What is the age range for indoor playground?

In order to meet the needs of kids in the different age range, and consider the safety, generally indoor playground should be divided into two areas: one is the toddler area which is suitable for 1-3 years old kids, and the other is the main function area which is suitable for 3-12 years old kids.