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Keep Your Child Healthy

As the world has recently suffered and is still suffering from Coronavirus. The parks, amusement places were locked up. Similarly, children were locked up in their homes. Because of no physical activities, they become dull and lazy. The parks are now opened under precautions, but there are still some chances that children can suffer from this deadly virus.


To boost their physical as well as mental health, parents can plan indoor activities for children. Indoor activities are those activities that can be done at home. There are various indoor games as well as playing parks which can entertain your child. Children can easily engage themselves in these activities and will not put pressure on you to go outside.


For the convenience of your children, Guangzhou Dora Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has launched a variety of indoor playgrounds to keep your children away from external diseases. We sell all kinds of bouncy castles, indoor parks, trampolines, etc. at cheap prices.

These amusement products can be widely used in kindergartens, schools, business parks, children’s hospitals, airports, training centers, resort hotels, etc., to provide entertainment for children.

We have indoor amusement equipment with various themes, such as the theme of ice and snow world and ocean theme. Our indoor amusement equipment is suitable for children aged 2-10. The size and design can be customized, and the product warranty is 1 year.


Guangzhou Dora Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. uses high-quality materials to manufacture amusement products, making it a world-leading company. Contact us to order the inflatable products you want, I believe we will not let you down.