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Amazing Trampoline Park

Are you tired of buying cheap indoor play equipment for children and regretting your decision after they malfunction? If you are, then one of the reasons you will find yourself in this predicament is because you have not purchased indoor playground equipment from a trustworthy and reliable company. Guangzhou Dora Amusement Equipment Company is a company you can trust because we have more than 13 years of experience in manufacturing indoor amusement equipment. Our company has extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality products that children can have no worries about. Our company can provide you with a trampoline park that satisfies you for your children and friends to enjoy together. The following are some characteristic trampoline parks and their related specifications.

Features and specifications of trampoline parks.   

  • DOLA-IN001 model – This is a new product and it can be referred to as an indoor trampoline park. This is because it offers a maze trampoline that has been designed for fun, excitement, or holding an impressive party on the large trampoline set. It takes up a fairly large space and you can enjoy it with family and friends because the company builds them for different ages, purposes, and hobbies. The indoor trampoline also comes with different themes so you are spoilt for choice when deciding as to which trampoline appeals to your taste.


  • DOLA-IN004 model – This is an enjoyable indoor trampoline and is designed for free-spirited children. It is a big trampoline with fun slides and a spider tower to appeal to the creativity of children. It is made with quality materials like PVC 0.6mm Tarpaulin that make it strong and durable.


Guangzhou Dola Amusement Equipment is the place to be if you are looking for quality indoor trampoline equipment.