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Trampoline Precautions

The trampoline is a lot of fun in the yard since it allows youngsters to bounce on it for hours. However, all of this enjoyment comes with significant security concerns.

Take the time to pick the safest location for your trampoline, in addition to following the home trampoline safety regulations. Should:

  • Look for locations that are clean, level, and devoid of possible hazards like fences, hedges, trees, laundry facilities, and other equipment.
  • Put the trampoline on a floor that is soft and absorbs energy. Sand, pine bark, or other materials that can produce a cushioning effect are good alternatives.
  • Do not place the trampoline on concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces without safety nets or bumpers.
  • Create a safe drop zone at least 8 feet outside the trampoline and keep the area open.
  • Without safety netting or bumpers, do not set the trampoline on concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces. Make a safe drop zone at least 8 feet away from the trampoline and maintain it open.

To guarantee your safety, follow these trampoline safety precautions.

  • Purchase a trampoline that is circular (the rectangular trampoline provides a dangerously high bounce)
  • A high trampoline safety net should be used to encircle the trampoline.
  • Please try not to use trampoline if there is no shock-absorbing trampoline safety mat covering the entire springs, hooks, and frame.
  • Trampolines should not be placed near playgrounds, buildings, or other trees.
  • Smooth the trampoline’s edges and bottom with soft materials like sand or wood chips.