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What is Jungle Theme Naughty Castle Indoor Labyrinth ?

Jungle Theme Naughty Castle Indoor Labyrinth, also called children indoor play structure, indoor foam play area, kids indoor play castle, indoor kids play area, toddler indoor play equipment……It not only makes the children happy there, but also stimulates children’s imagination.It is the lovable, lively, beautiful world which is a new choice for children. Every kid hope to enjoy their childhood, please do not miss the very chance to set up a happy paradise for them.


What is the details of Jungle Theme Naughty Castle Indoor Labyrinth?

Jungle Theme Naughty Castle Indoor Labyrinth are normally with several levels, which can satisfy 6-12 years old children, they can climb, jump, run, throw and doing other activities. During the playing time the kids can increase the interaction and communication skills. Children can invite partners play together; Parents can supervise their kids when they are playing.



How to make a design for our place?

If you have a place, just tell us some detailed information below, and then we can make a new design for you.

(1) the dimension of your place (length, width, height ),the location of the entrance.

(2) Is there some pillars?

(3) Some special requests like theme, elements.